Firehose + Analytics + Warehouse ≠ Real-Time. The details make all the difference.

Get Your Customized Branded IoT Real-Time Monitoring App (iOS, Android, Desktop Browsers):

Support For: MQTT, CoAP, AWS Snowflake, Wirepas, REST, XMPP, Google
Cloud Messaging, Kafka, and most other sources including Custom Sources.

  • Provide real-time rule based IoT event notifications to appropriate users, enabling true real-time response.
  • Your IoT Objects can be stationary (sensors, machines etc.) or moving objects (people, vehicles etc.).
  • Moving objects' locations can be continuously tracked and associated with their real-time IoT notifications.

  • Stream and Replay your IoT events in real-time.
  • Stream and Replay the routes of your moving IoT Fleet simultaneously with their associated IoT events.
  • Command and Control - Monitor everything on most desktop browsers.
  • Endless workflow possibilities, auto-responders and more.

The Possibilities Are Endless!

Watch an integrated IoT Monitoring and IoT Fleet Tracking Scenario.
This and many integrated IoT scenarios are customized and integrated within a few hours or days!