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Communicate IoT events to your People in Real-Time on Any Device™.

We partner with major corporations on rapid IoT enablement for global supply chains and logistics.

We Help You Solve Real-World IoT Problems In Real-Time™

We've partnered with the world's best IoT sensor designers, manufacturers, and installers. Touch Base!


Created for large industrial enterprises who need to extract value from their IoT investments, Trackable.AI is the world's first very-large-scale, turnkey end-to-end IoT SaaS platform. Currently in production at hundreds of locations.


Unlike AWS, Azure, and others who sell "car parts" for engineers to put together and maintain over years, Trackable.AI provides an instantly available and rapidly / visually customize-able end-to-end IoT platform.


From IoT source to End-User in less than one second - Trackable.AI processes IoT events at least 100 times faster and cheaper than the nearest benchmark. In this regard, Trackable.AI is to IoT devices as WhatsApp is to People.


The Trackable.AI platform goes way beyond traditional IoT Event Monitoring as it enables both speed and agility for enterprise and industrial operations. Trackable.AI enables machines (IoT devices) to effectively communicate pertinent information to the right people in real-time at very-large-scale.

Killer Apps

Trackable.AI includes customizable Android and iOS mobile apps and desktop browser command and control web applications backed by an infinitely scalable cloud backend capable of processing billions of IoT events per second.


Trackable.AI is the best IT/OT convergence platform, integrating operational technology (OT) systems used to monitor events, processes and devices with information technology (IT) systems used for data-centric computing.

Firehose + Analytics + Warehouse ≠ Real-Time. The details make all the difference.

Get Your Customized Branded IoT Real-Time Monitoring App (iOS, Android, Desktop Browsers):

Support For: MQTT, CoAP, AWS, Snowflake, Wirepas, REST, XMPP, Google Cloud Messaging, Kafka, and most other sources including Custom Sources.

  • Provide real-time rule based IoT event notifications to appropriate users, enabling true real-time response.
  • Your IoT Objects can be stationary (sensors, machines etc.) or moving objects (people, vehicles etc.).
  • Moving objects' locations can be continuously tracked and associated with their real-time IoT notifications.

  • Stream and Replay your IoT events in real-time.
  • Stream and Replay the routes of your moving IoT Fleet simultaneously with their associated IoT events.
  • Command and Control - Monitor everything on most desktop browsers.
  • Endless workflow possibilities, auto-responders and more.

The Possibilities Are Endless!

Watch an integrated IoT Monitoring and IoT Fleet Tracking Scenario.
This and many integrated IoT scenarios are customized and integrated within a few hours or days!